Thursday, September 18, 2008

Recruiting Readers


Admirable faculties are the engines that power great schools. More than a group of fine teachers, the very best faculties share a both culture and a fundamental belief in their students and their schools' missions and values.

Drawing on the ideas presented in An Admirable Faculty: Recruiting, Hiring, Training and Retaining the Best Independent School Teachers (NAIS, 2005) , this blog will address the challenges of building great teaching bodies and helping faculties grow. We won't shy away from talking tough about some of the bumps in the road or about the ways in which certain policies and behaviors can corrode the educational experience for teachers and, more importantly, for their students.

You may have seen the keynote address delivered to the teachers of the Dallas (TX) Independent School District. It was high concept indeed: going beyond Heidi Hayes Jacobs' hypothetical student Alex, who occupies the empty chair on stage whenever she presents, the district leadership chose a charismatic young student to remind teachers that they must believe in their students. I think all great teachers have this understanding at the core of their being, but we all need to be reminded, sometimes, of where our priorities and our focus must lie. As the head of my school reminds us each year, "School is for kids."

I hope that you'll bookmark this page and come back regularly to see how the work of creating Admirable Faculties is going.

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